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      My client has allocated unique integer values in his paper/spreadsheet based system – 650 rows and more Content to add by hand to most of these and many more to come.
      He needs to be sure he is updating the right one so I need to display this integer value at least in Editors, or in an Extra Field extension.
      I had hoped to insert this as Content ID but Elite-XL does not allow this, so I am trying to insert the values as Alias text, but Elite-XL seems to treat them as an empty column?
      I can insert them manually in phpMyAdmin.
      Is the problem that Microsoft Excel sees these cells as Numeric and Alias is a Character field; should I escape them with a leading apostrophe? Changing the Excel data type does not fix it; I could insert an alpha character, and remove it after with phpMyAdmin?

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      Hey Trevor.
      I’ve noticed this:
      If you change something into excel, like changing the cells as Numeric or something, then saving, it will not work.
      If you save as – a new name, it will work. But maybe is just on my computer.
      Please send me in email a copy of your excel, and I will try to upload them to my test environment.

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