Infinityelite General Settings


Favicon –> You can use your own favicon.

Custom Feed URL –> e.g.

Header Code –> Using this box with your own header code will add edto the <head> tag.

Footer Code –>
The following code will be added to the footer before the closing </body> tag.

Search Settings –>

Search in Category IDs

Use minus sign (-) to exclude categories.
Example: (1,4,-7) = search only in Category 1 & 4, and exclude Category 7.

Error 404 Page –>

Custom 404 Page

First create a new Page (eg. 404) and then select it here. The selected page will be used for error 404 (when a URL is not found on your site).

Feed Settings –>

Feed Category

Use minus sign (-) to exclude categories.
Example: (2,-9) = include only Category 2 in feeds and exclude Category 9.

Post Image in RSS

Check this to exclude post image in RSS feeds

Google Fonts –>

Google Fonts List


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